Excavator Hire

Our Fleet

Our fleet of Excavators range from 8-Tonne to 50-Tonne and can be Wet hired and with GPS available if required.

We can supply various attachments ranging from GP, 600mm and 900mm trench buckets, tilt buckets, compaction wheel, ripper, auger drives with multiple size augers, power tilt, grabs and rockbreakers to name a few.

All of our excavators for hire are well maintained and regularly serviced to ensure they work at optimal performance on your site.

Wet Hire

Our fleet is ready for deployment at a moment’s notice.

Excavators ranging from 8-Tonne to 50-Tonne with GPS available if required. They are well maintained and regularly serviced to ensure they work at optimal performance on your site.

We also supply skid steer loaders, water trucks and multiple other plant for your project requirements.

When you hire AGS Civil, you get over 20 years of experience working on your site. We stand by our core values of reliability, excellence, integrity, collaboration and commitment.

Excavator Hire in Brisbane

Receive In-Depth Insights with Your Excavator Hire in Brisbane

Locating excavator hire in Brisbane for a project you’re about to embark upon should not be the most challenging task ahead of you. However, finding a reputable supplier that can answer your questions and connect you with modern, well-maintained equipment is often easier said than done. At AGS Civil, however, we’re excited about the opportunity to share our insights along with access to the right tools for whatever job you have in mind. Through wet hire options, we can support a wide variety of projects and operators.

Common Mistakes People Make With Earthmoving Hire in Brisbane

Though it can be easy to think that the only thing standing between you and earthmoving plant hire in Brisbane is the need to find the right company, that is not all there is to the process. In fact, failing to make the correct preparations or to examine all your options can lead to much bigger problems later. To avoid encountering those concerns, stay on guard to avoid committing errors such as:

  • Choosing equipment that isn’t wholly suited to the job at hand. Excavation tasks can vary considerably from job to job, and no tool is “one size fits all.” When in doubt, ask for assistance in selecting the right hire option for your team.
  • Hiring equipment that you do not have the qualifications to use. Believe it or not, it happens more than you’d think — please ask if you do not have a qualified operator.
  • Underestimating the amount of time necessary to complete the job at hand. Take care to build some contingencies into your time estimates when booking equipment for hire.
    When in doubt, contact an experienced equipment operator and rely on their understanding instead. AGS Civil is always ready to answer your questions.